Castle Rideout (East Part 1)

Since summer is finally here! :w00t: I’ve got my Indiana Jones hat out and have my mind set on visiting a lot of Old and Abandoned Castles, Forts, Haunted Place, Lighthouses, etc… all over England :cool:

Plan to starting with these Castles on the east:
Reculver Castle
Kingsgate Castle
Sandown Castle
Deal Castle
Dover Castle

I’m planning to leave the ace at 9:45am tmw, the journey is roughtly 300 miles all the way back to the Ace. Barely any motorways along the journey and I’ll plan to keep to a normal pace (50mph). So if we do 50miles/hour its roughly 6hr + 1hr lunch. Hopefully we will back in time to get a decent nap and out on sunday again :wink:

Route planned:
Show me the map :smiley:

Man, had I known earlier with time to plan would have been well up for this!

You gonna’ make Sunday?


That’s a boring as hell route all the way to Faversham IMO. Dunno if there’s something on the way you’re visiting but if not I’d come off at say the 229 then come down to maidstone way and follow Ashford road down to Canterbury.

(p.s. can’t come, working :D)

Hi Mate

Havent seen you in ages :slight_smile:

Yeh! took me a while to settle down on Castles, there were just to many options … you out on the sunday rideout, guess I’ll see you there :stuck_out_tongue:

Might do this on the way back and got on to the M20 :slight_smile:

Ohhh! and miss another opportunity to wear your new leathers :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick update: So after visting 8 Castles (including 3 detours :w00t: ), having several arguments with my GPS and 270 miles of sunny road, this rideout was successfully concluded (obviously on saturday afternoon) :smiley:
Next Adventure Seeker rideout, might be to some haunted caves :wink:

Photos of Reculver Castle, Rochester Castle, Dover Castle, Deal Castle and Richborough Roman Fort.