well went to Lewisham hospitol today and they X-rayed it…things look good enough to have them rip off the cast…my leg was really stinky and i got an earfull from the nurse for riding my bike her exact words were…

'‘you bluddy bikers always the same…’'she was smiling at the time and it was all good banter…

so now i have to wear this support sock that makes me look like nora batty…but atleast i can get my boots on properley…

next check up is on friday…to make sure things are tikty boo!!!

great load off my mind as i wanted it off for the france trip…great stuff!!!


think it be safer if someone tows a shopping trolley behind them and chucks you in it mate !! :slight_smile:

Great news “stinky” :laugh::laugh:

good news matey, have you got the stabilzers ready?

well done fella!!!

now more bashing into vans okay!!!

eww stinky legs…

whatS the point, is it going to improve your riding ? NO

well i was waiting for all you gits to have a pop…

with every crash…i learn a lesson…

never…spin the rear wheel in the wet




ever…drive behind a bus thats turning left





ever…look at a porsch




.ever…drive next to a van




and last of all…neve…ever…ever…post that ive had a crash on LB again…:smiley:


At last, finally you’re learning Shane!! :smiley:

Good to hear your foots on the mend fella.

Who is your Compo then Smiled ;):smiley: Glad you’re better and it’s all OK :cool:

Awesome, great news mate!:wink:

Maybe’s now you might be able to keep up with me on the Clapham tea hut run!!!:w00t::P:D

See you soon fella,


Good news mate.

I thought they teach that at DAS course mate? :smiley:

I’m glad you ok mate. :stuck_out_tongue:

chuffed for you fella, dont worry about having a wash and brushing your teeth and all that,

just to go to Frogance as you are, you’ll blend in like a Ghillie suit in the marshes! :wink:

Nice to hear mate :smiley: don’t worry, I’ll be taking it easy so you won’t be left behind :stuck_out_tongue:

lol…thanx guys…

just cleaned all my right footed socks so im locked and loaded…lolol

my leathers …boots…and gloves have scrubbed up niceley too…


GOOD NEWS INDEED, did you really ride the bike with your plaster on…can see what the nurse meant then…

and the weather looks like its gonna be okay on Satirday so

no need to spin your wheels in the wet,

and no need to follow a van or bus just stay with the group and there wont be any room for any other vehicles on the road…

Don’t encourage him ;):smiley: