Case Stoner @ 1000 fps

change to HD for the full monty!

Awesome! Funny to see the exhaust flapping about like that !

Just on my way in to post this too!

Outstanding footage, he makes it all so easy. Knee and elbow down, then sliding and spinning the rear wheel. Dang he’s good.

Breathtaking footage of a quality rider!

Incredible precision. Expert weight distribution to keep the front under control- doesn’t look like he’s so bothered about what’s happening with the rear- I guess just as long as the front’s properly planted the rear is going to follow. I have never raced a bike but somehow this reminds me of when I used to windsurf- going almost as much sideways as you are going forwards!

Amazing to watch in HD at full screen - as are some of the other RB Moments footage! Great stuff. Quality post Pan, you waste no time :smiley:

Whats fascinating is they used to set bikes up so they know at the right speed with the right entry point on the right corner they pin it and the bike is set up to bounce off the limiters to just sail round corners back spinning and everything. Dunno if they still do this with todays technology. But thats trusting your bike setup and your crew…

yep the others are quite good as well

Exactly what they said at the Off-Road day to us, set up the corner correctly, make sure the front is setup to grip with body position and the back end will turn itself…

great camera work, good old barry, was fat steve there too, used to race with them too at southern years ago, i went along to Goldingbarn years ago and took Steve’s race bike out, cleared the table top on the 2nd lap and Barry went nuts.

Awesome that! :w00t:

Another nice one: