Carwash for girls! (NWS)

Ugh! how discusting!!



Er, no thanks!

Thought you would like that Paivi? As I always post something like that directed to the boys when I saw that one on email box I decided to treat you girls. Even though the pic looks seek, lol

Thank you Cezar… Makes a change!!!

I knew you would like that Foxy! I can almost see you stearing at that pic, lol

I like the one on the right.

er… Quick, put you glasses on mate! Hope that nobody will ready the post above…

Glasses? what you mean? she’s luvly.

er… Is it only me then? Let me have a second look at it… lol

I don’t even wanna ask how you stumbled across that pic Cezar


That’s no question to ask Henessy! But I will answer you, I have got a friend that sends me loads of emails with jokes and videos… he’s gay and sometimes he send me some ‘funny’ ones in the middle of good ones, lol… He usually states on the message title and delete straight away but on this one he missed it

Yeah yeah, likely story mate!

LOL… MMmmm, No comment!!

you love it tash Hula

Come on guys! Thats the truth! A man can tell the truth at all times, that’s proven right now!


Ah, the old “my mate sent it to me” one…

We believe you honest.

Sorry Cezar, I have everyone questioning it now! lol. However tis quite funny


Your not wrong there mate!!! LOL…