Cartagena Spain 24th-26th November 08

Have just booked this, said I’d do one at the start of this year and didn’t get round to it, only £500 for three days on track, includes bike transport and hotel which sounds reasonable. Just got to add food and Ryanair flights on top.

If anybody reading this has done this before, I’m assuming I’ll go through one rear tyre in the 3 days, at that temperature, is that about right ? Are tyres at the track sensible prices or is it worth having a new one put on before I go ?

£500 for 3 days? Sounds like a bargain… I wish I could come… sadly it’s about £500 more than I’ve got

I think FE do 4 days flights / hotels / bike transport and shared hire cars for £600 or so.

You will likely require a second rear tyre for 3 days. It’s fairly hard on tyres and ther’s a lot of slower corners to punch out of.

Some pictures here:

BTW, I think hottrax run groups the whole time while FE run groups in the mornings and open pit in the PM.

I think you are better off with the groups. IMO open pit at Cartagena can be a bit dangerous.

lucky sod looks really good, wanna pit bitch ? :slight_smile:

Thanks Pete, I looked at FE, thought of spending 3 days with them rather than use usual 1 . . . so booked with Hottrax :smiley:

Yep I do but she’d need to be a damn sight better looking than you ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Steve - I know what you mean, but I have found that FE in Spain are a lot more relaxed than at their UK events. Kevin is a different person.

I’ve been to Europe with just about every UK company trading (and a few that are no longer around.) I’ve also been to events run by the Germans and the Swiss.

I’ve got to say that in general, once you’ve got to the track, there’s not much to choose between the lot. I have a soft spot for No limts / Swiss moto 'cos that was my first trip to Jerez. Mark and the NL guys are such a great bunch. are well worth mentioning. Every bike has a transponder fitted and of course, as the name suggests, there’s a few races on. I’d say that you should be upper inters level if you want to do that though. It isn’t the cheapest option either.

For the last couple of years I’ve been doing the FE thing. Very keen pricing, which is good 'cos I’ve been 3 Euro trackdays a year. The one thing that has swung it FE’s way though is the transport drop off is only 1 hour away and the drop time is at the weekend. They will also take all my gear without charging me for extra palletts.

Hottrax run a good event and I’m sure you’ll have a good time. I don’t know what bike you ride, I seem to recall a friend of mine used gearing for Brands indie there!