Cartagena 4-6/2/2015 NL - 04 February 2015 - 06 February 2015

Just booked this Euro track day with No Limits, 1st Euro track day can’t wait!

Flights / hirecar booked, woohoo!

see you there! Black gsxr 600, black leathers with a a red and white 675 - we are testing both the bikes / setup and how well the bar in the hotel works.

You flying from Luton the day before?

I’m on the 7:30am flight, if not I am on a Honda CBR600rr black with Castrol decals, my misses is coming too you cant miss her!

Ahhh man! Welly Jelly! :crying:

we are flying to from gatwick yo!

only a week away now! see you at the bike drop off saturday!

I DIDNT CRASH FOR ONCE WOOOOOOOO! hope you had a good time!

It looked like he had a great time, plus got engaged too!! Congrats Paul!

^ cool photo Tom, your eyes are on storks ^

Congratulations to you both then! :slight_smile:

please tell me the proposal was at the track!!! ?

Any video?

I have but not had a chance download it or anything just yet, ill post somthing up soon

Just got back! What a fab time. Bit windy first couple of days but warm and sunny. Managed to stay upright and on track although I only shaved a couple of seconds off a already shite time, I need to grow a pair!

It was carnage the first morning, lol.

Went to valencia with the misses after and proposed, she said yes! I’ll post pics / video later, sorry I didn’t say hi, all if a sudden the event was over.

awesome mate!!! congrats

ah now i recognize you!! :slight_smile: What did you make of the stake house?!! best food in town! do you know the lads in garage 9 next to us? We got seriously smashed with them on the last night - our last beer was about 6am! flights at 10am hahaha

LOL…tom didn’t realise this was you, just checked your pic with the pit lane pics and married up the leathers…doh!

Yeh steak was fab, I couldn’t take it any more after 1am, the others were in my garage and in the same group, albeit faster than me :frowning:

I have contact details of the others and will be meeting them on a track day soon.

What a fab few days, will deffo do it again!

Top man, let us know if you do mate im hoping to do brands soon! such a blast of a week, we might try another circuit next time but we try to do it each year ahead of the season :slight_smile: Jerez would be nice for example!

Cant believe that lad on the R6 crashed a second time after i repaired so much of his bike! fail!

edit: fair play to him though he took a slam when he came off and got back on!

not amazing quality for some reason, the source file is good so not sre what happened meh.

LOL… I was going to post mine, I think ill leave it now!!! Ha ha

That is a fucking good time, and what a track, one of my favs, I love tracks that have elevation changes, hate flat tracks.

That vid has actually helped me…you are accelerating where I am breaking!

not an easy track to learn, we literally have nothing like this in the UK! which is a shame!

glad you had a mega time though dude, I think No Limits did a cracking job as always, im off to brands on the 28th to try and sort this bloody bike out