Cartagena, 14th - 16th November

NoLimits, anyone going?

Sorry no but looking at doing the late Feb one…fingers crossed

yep yep, few of us are going!

Awesome! I’m taking 2 mates, for the novice group unfortunately…

Well we’re all booked now! although handy tip - the flights to alecante are 50£ compared to 150 to murcia!

bit of a drive but not too bad on their auto routes! have you done cart before? its mint!!

Never! Already booked sadly - have hire car too, should be a good crack, have 3 mates going about the same level as me, R6, Daytona, and 996… Will be great to have more than a day a la UK - so I can take a bit of time and get up to speed.

great bikes for that track. its great to have 3 days, like you say chill out on the first day and learn it - theres a lot of decrease radius turns that can catch people out if they charge to hard on the first day. once you know where youre going its top notch!!

tell you what though mate, there is a bloody excellent load of restaurants in town - literally the best steak house ive ever been too and tapas down the road is mint!

Be warey - the tyre guy charges £30 on top of the tyres bought from him for changing - if you need any changed we will have a bead breaker!

Wifi in the garages too!

just touching on tyre purchase at tracks ,one of the days i done recently in the uk the guy wanted £180 to supply and fit to a wheel already removed form bike ,ridiculous price not surprised he was there all day with very few customers ,i thought their would be good deals at track days but seems to go the other way with rip off prices ,he also had ramps to get your bike in the van priced £65 which I’ve seen on ebay for 45 think i will just stick with the old scaffold plank ,enjoy the 3 days anyway …

I know where youre coming from!

to be fair i were changing tyres all day as a service at a track day and making sod all mark up on rubber, id want at least a score each time for making the jouney and setting up ready for the day…i dont begrudge them, having your tyres fitted at the side of the track and delivered as well is pretty much the heights of convenience! But if youre doing a lot of track days, get a bead breaker and do it yourself, its not very hard at all - especially race rubber! saves a fortune in the long run.

Thanks Tom! I’m going to get some new rubber on the bike before I go, don’t think i’ll be burning through them too quickly to be honest haha… See you there.

Hey guys, I’m tempted as I’ve got a weeks holiday that I need to take in Autumn. Is anybody riding out there? I’m looking at this:

It’s 1320.6 mi, 20 hr 36 min driving or22 hr 37 min with traffic.

Seriously, I’m tempted.

Please do a write up on this as I am going on the No Limits 3 dayer in early Feb!


I’m thinking about early next year too (just come back from Almeria last weekend) so a write up would be welcomed :cool:

It was awesome - it’s quite a physical track and was great. Good bunch of guys and great instructors on site for those who need them (like me!), you get a huge amount of track time for the money, which is great if you are trying to get competent (like me!), and the weather was great, 21-22 with a lot of sun.

Well worth a visit, am booking a few in for next year tomorrow…

I’ve a villa about 30 miles away from Categena, and went there after the MotoGP at Valencia for a look round. We were a bit disappointed with the surroundings of the circuit -it looks a dump surrounded by waste land littered with rubbish and building material.

We got there and the gates were open so we drove in and parked up near the garages, where a group of blokes dressed in orange overals were standing around. Through some pigeon English and pigeon Spanish we were told we could have a look around. What a great circuit for riders! it looked quirte technical (as described above).

So I am going to get one of my bikes over to reside in Spain (probably my old CBR600) as track days are frequent (they seem to operate 12 months of the year) and cheap. Plus I’m only half an hour away.

haha its a race track not a stately home dude! the track is mint and the facilties are better than most UK circuits! you will have fun on there with a 600

if only I could