Carrying a Drunk Pillion

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I’ve wondered this myself. I’m sure either through here or Google that it was deemed to be illegal as the pillion has some element of control over the vehicle.

Who would be prosecuted though? Rider, pillion, both? If the rider then it seems a little unjust - what if I offered a mate a ride one morning who seemed sober but had had a heavy night beforehand. I’d take the rap if he were slightly over…

I sometimes used to ride pillion drunk when I was 18 and thought at the time it was no different to being a drunk passenger in a car- never occured to me it could be illegal.

Nowadays I avoid taking pillions by not being insured to carry them, and by taking the pillion footpegs off…

Whether it’s legal or not it’s not a great feeling:sick:

The worst bit is feeling like you might nod off and therefore fall off but that can happen on a hot day after lunch too:ermm:

On that basis it would be illegal to carry a minor which it definitely isn’t. It is also not illegal to carry someone with mental or neurological disorders. It may be foolhardy to carry a pillion so drunk they can’t do as they are told, but that is true if they are sober.

I carried a certain person when they were drunk and we almost came off after said pillion tried to lean over and swing at a black cab to smack its mirror after trying to sideswipe us after misjudging his speed.

Gave the pillion a right good bollocking for that. :angry:

Dont do it, it aint worth it :ermm:

Good points. My findings were probably just on other forums and nowhere meaningful.

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a certain person?? that sounds a lot like what i was trying to do, only i wasn’t drunk that night more annoyed at the whole night and i don’t remember trying to smack it’s mirror off…erm…still curious whether it me you’re speaking of in here.

would that not come under a CU50 Causing or likely to cause danger by reason of load or passengers or MS60 affence? :w00t:

I doubt it is illegal, but that isn’t based on any research. Got to much Company, Employment and Medicine Law to get finished today to really go looking around for that sort of information.

Finding info on when a CU50 would apply is tough! I think CU50 relates only to loading. In other words, if you get 17 people into a Mini and attempt to drive it without being able to see out of the windscreen due to someone’s arse, that is CU50. Most vehicles are authorised for a certain number of passengers these days, and exceeding that in a way that causes danger would seem appropriate for CU50.

A drunk passenger in a car could grab the wheel or open a door at any time, but I have never hears of that being an offence.

Bizarrely, people have been prosecuted for drunk driving when not in the drivers seat. This happens when a drunk owner of a vehicle gives the keys to someone else, who is also drunk, to drive him home. This is because to be done for drunk driving you are actually being done for being drunk whilst in charge of a vehicle. By handing the keys to someone else and then being in the vehicle when it is stopped, you are still in charge of it, despite not driving.

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