Carrying a Drunk Pillion

Legal or Not?

I can’t find any specific law relating to carrying a pillion passenger who is drunk??

What I want to know is if I go up the ace tonight drink 4-5 Betty Stoggs (Finest Cornish Ale, I’d like to add)

There is no law stopping Smasher taking me home on the back of her bike?

KAOS?? Get that book out son…

I think the fear of somone chucking up in their helmet behind you a little worrying…that’s enough for me not to carry a drunk pillion :blink:

Would you really want to be a pillion… Drunk? Last time I went up the Ace with Daniel he opened the throttle to get through some lights and both my feet came off the pegs hahaha if I was pissed I would’ve been GONE.

Sorry mate i don’t have a pillion seat…

I got a spare one don’t worry…

and I ain’t going to be throwing up or anything like that!

I’m the man when I am drunk…

Got the moves Like Jagger

So what kind of spare pillion seat do you have then?

Think I heard its illegal somewhere about not being fit for the ride.

Either way if the pillion can’t pay attention to the road ahead and fall off f*ck their fault for relaxing too much.

:cool: Got one for a ZX6. Fits 02-04…Sweet yeah?

Here I come!!!

Sorry mine is an 05’ tough luck m8…

Oh really!!! Hows that for luck

Me mates got one of them!!!

Brilliant…See you tonight…Off now gotta go in do some work…

Well i’m not taking you… end of… and if i was to take a pillion you would be the last person on my list!

You don’t have the guts to turn up at the Ace Cafe tonight…

Lol…Thats not very nice…Thats really nasty that is…:crying:

Why you being all like this to me Ali?

You used to be such a nice girl :frowning:

Manipulation doesn’t work… sorry

lol fook her then the moto king says. Must be on the blob

See that is why… because you are rude and nasty to people… say one thing and then another… you can never be nice and have a normal human conversation… you say you are coming to BH or Ace and never show your face… you just sit behind you computer and chat pure and utter rubbish…

Right rant over…



come on smasher let him have a go, its his only hope of getting on anything other than an imaginary biike(s)

He’s gonna stay home polishing his kn0b I mean Ducati

Where is the love?

No1 likes me No1 likes me No1 likes me I don’t care. I am Moto SuperMoto I am Moto.
Come on then?