Carpeting a small area

Anybody on here got any tips for getting a small area carpeted? We’ve just had the communal hall decorated but the carpet is minging & needs replacing.

it’s only about 2m x 4m so barely seems worth the time & effort for someone like Carpet Right. I guess a carpet fitter may well have an offcut from a bigger job that would be suitable and could be fitted in next to no time.

Any carpet fitters on here by any chance want to give me a quote?

Carpet tiles or a bit of laminate if its a communal area ?

Yeah, I did consider laying laminate flooring myself but I thought it might be a bit noisy with clip clopping high heels of the neighbour coming home at night. Plus, I’m a bit busy demolishing/decorating the spare room at the moment (baby on the way in 6 weeks) so didn’t want to give myself another job to do, especially as I don’t have a car so getting the boards home is a bit of a pain.

Carpet tiles could be a good call, I guess it’s just a case of ripping up the existing carpet then cutting a few tiles to suit and gluing them to the floor? Maybe I’ll wait until the wife is on maternity leave and getting stuff delivered when I know there will be someone at home.

Still open to quotes from carpet fitters though :slight_smile:

Joby has some wood floor for sale:)