Carol Nash £20 vouchers for quotes

Back on 9th July, I received an email from Carol Nash, offering me a £20 voucher to be used at Sportsbike Shop, for getting a motorcycle insurance quotation from them.  So I called and got a quotation, mentioned the offer, and was told it would be sent out to me.  I asked when I can expect to received it, and was told 6th August.  

I forgot about this until I received a similar email from Carol Nash on 19th September, so decided to chase up on the above.  Called that same day, and eventually was told that it would be posted out to me, and it’d arrive by 26th September.  Chased up again today, and was told it will arrive within the next three days.

They’re hoping people will forget about the vouchers :wink:


Had mine emailed over to me a week or so after getting quote…


Check your junk mail box

Check your junk mail box
National Treasure
Is that the one next to the bin, where a lot of post ends up ;)

They're hoping people will forget about the vouchers ;)

That's what I was thinking.

Still not resolved.  I chased up Carol Nash yesterday (22/12/16) for the forth time, and was again told that an email would be sent to the marketing dept.

wow, thats some commitment… :slight_smile:

But there was a scene in a gangster movie that would be applicable here. A young gangster is about to chase a guy over a $10 debt. The older  gangster advises him that the debt is not as important as the lesson that that guy can no longer be trusted…



Serrisan - Yup, I agree with that.

banman - Kinda looks like my biography, eh? That’s definitely worth a beer buddy :grinning:

Have you just chased them up or have you made a complaint about it? If not, call them and tell them you want to register a complaint about the service you’ve received ask for a reference number so they know your serious. Tell them if they still haven’t resolved the problem in 8 weeks you’ll take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. That’ll cost them £550 even if the Ombudsman doesn’t uphold your complaint. So I’d expect them to get their finger out.

Thanks for the advice Pat.