Carl Foggarty in Dunstable

Big news in Dunstable tomorrow, Carl Foggarty visiting the Dunstable fire station for a bikers awareness and safety training day, from 10 til 4, something for the village idiots to pop along to. Of course I am interested in bike safety, but bugger that, there will be firemen there woo hoo.

firemen :smiley: im there :stuck_out_tongue:

im going,im on the oakley motocycle club stand.come over and say hello.whos carl foggarty?:smiley:

Hegerty here - we got our own fireman Dawnie - Jay - is he going? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeh -Carl he superbike champ or summit rider!:D:D

right whose going and what time ? at least the NOTP knobs wont be there :smiley:

Got my pic done with Carl Foggarty and a big fireman yum yum.

Big fireman.

ahh he was there then :stuck_out_tongue: i went about 2.30 - 3pm but not a lot there by then :frowning: so went to on yer bike for a coffee and a browse instead :stuck_out_tongue: