Career Ideas

As some of you know, I hate my job! Problem is I don’t actually know what I want to do, I know typical woman, lol

Anyway, was wondering if you lot have any bright ideas on what I could consider.

French Restaurant critic…

Seriuosly though…

So what skills have you got? Do you want something that uses your current qualifications or do you want a completely new direction?

You’d probably make a great motorbike sales person. All the girls who buy bikes I’m sure would want to deal with you.

Ann Summers rep?

Like Macp said, look at your skills, work related AND personal ones ie. good with kids, good at dealing with people etc.

Up to now, most of my career has been in accounting, with the exception of 2 years spent as an estate agent. I like the salesy roles but not the uncertain salary and weekend working!!

I quite fancy a complete change of direction. As an accountant you can safely assume I have some level of intelligence, professionalism, accuracy and all that boring stuff. Unfortunatley I lack in the imagination stakes which is why I need input from other people. I don’t really fancy working with kids as I don’t have the patience!

Come and join us … you’d like it !

PCSO - 25 odd Grand a year

PC - up to 42k a year (with 10 years service before overtime) and after that more with promotion.

You know you wanna !

Mind you as an Accountant the top rate PC wages would be a major paycut for you !!

But the indexed linked pension (for the PC) and other benefits would more than make up for it!

Any scope to re train / study while you are working? Train for a different job!! I’ll soon be studying to be a Nutrional Therapist… It’s going to be tough but I can carry on working in my current work until I qualify!

Bike Training ? Marketing ? Hostess ? - No not that kind of hostess

driving instructor? hours to suit yourself good money - it’s quite hard to pass the various test though, my daughter gave up when she realised it wasn’t for her after she had almost finished.


Don’t be nasty! At the moment Shewoolf seems a happy person, willing to be nice to people and has a generally good view on life… don’t make her change into one of us!! Cynical, knackered and generally lacking any faith in humanity!!

You’d make a good Dominatrix… … ooer

by the look of this photo prostitution sounds like a good move



Yep, and ive seen her in action with a whip!

would I get a gun?

oooh, you wait!

professional fluffer?

erm, I dont even know what one of them is