Carbon wheel and disc vs. guardrail

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Guy running K3 1000 GSX-R with BST carbon wheels and BrakeTech carbon ceramic discs, hits guardrail at just over 50 mph. He was ok luckily.

Cant see ****. :slight_smile:

wow the bike was oblitarated into bits so small you cant see it anymore :smiley:

Sorted :cool:


bad bad :frowning:


all the gear and no…

looks like he lowsided it, prob pushign the fron tto hard…hang off properly you tw@!:smiley:

so does that mean that carbon wheels are weaker than cast alloy? i always thought the cast wheels were weaker than carbon ones…

thats one way to blow a few $$

Thats some expensive crumple zone right there.

You’re under the impression that bike wheels are designed to take huge frontal impacts? :slight_smile:

I’d rather the wheel broke than transfer the the forces up and rip the front end from the bike myself :wink:

Mmmmm Carbon wheels nom nom nom :stuck_out_tongue:

No it means there weaker than the steel barrier he hit, Should have used Dymags. :slight_smile:

PMSL, great response Mark, straight to the point!! :smiley:

heres how a OEM honda wheel copes with a hard impact…

SETTLE! :slight_smile: