Carbon Akras Shortened to 11"

What yas think, will sort better pice of bike when time but i think it makes rear end look a lot sharper

That looks well nice mate

who chopped them down, looks cool was thinking of chopping my akra down.

Same can ,carbon , just on a gixxer 750.



Hehehe, nice one Darbo, looks REALLY good! Just need a nice tail-tidy now, and hope the plate doesn’t melt from the exhaust, which must be running nearer the plate now eh! I agree with italianTHUG, it’s pure bike-porn

Anybody got any suggestions on another tail tidy, cant seem to find anything suitable

Do R&G make one? I like their products, have one on my bike.

Looking very nice, very nice indeed.

I would love to hear that!

Looks very very nice mate. Very professional job too!

Dude… That looks well sexy…

Look much, much better I find the standard pipes to quite though shorter ones may sound better, and try Puig for a tail tidy they do my screen and im about to order a tail tidy from them to quality products (RRP is about £35.00)