Carb cleaner

Hi all.

Been a while, but going to clean my carbs, jets on my cbx 400f, and wondered best stuff to use. A carb cleaner or just petrol of something else.



Anyone used mek?

You taking the whole thing apart and taking all the plastic/rubber bits off?

Then you can soak it in most carb cleaner stuff.

Maybe pay a pro to do it all for you

Yes I’m going to strip and clean jets so I’ll take all the rubber and seals out as well. I won’t split them just do it one by one on the rail.

i use carb cleaner or break cleaner from tool station both basicaly the same stuff

Carb Cleaner for cleaning carbs, most will do exactly what it says on the can.

Grab mine off the shelf at Halfrauds unless I’m ordering other stuff on line which helps to cover the delivery costs.

I’ve used Wynns, Holts and STP carb cleaners in the past all to good effect. Then there was the cheaper than chips 600ml can emblazoned with Chinese hieroglyphics picked up at a local boot fair. I have no idea what it said on the can and took the seller at his word that it was carb cleaner, it worked for me and cleaned out the old Cavalier inlet manifold a proper treat.