Car Wash that does bikes?

Hi everyone,

It’s been suggested that some car wash also do bikes. Is there anyone in specific that is recommended in East or Central London. Someone that charges in the region of £5-£20 and especially won’t jetwash my chain, or put some shiny slippery compound on the tyres? :w00t:

Yeah, I could do it myself, but life is too short.

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Don’t be so lazy - get out there for 10 mins:D

or be like me and dont bother washing it at all :w00t: … thats what the rains for :smiley: … also gives more time for riding :cool:

There’s a place on Seven sisters road just between Holloway Road and Finsbury Park on the right…they charge £5 and take instructions…took me a while to ‘train’ them but they do a good job now. (Don’t be afraid to tell them to pay attention to things and do things again if you are not happy, but remember to tip well if you are happy with the effort/result)

there is one here…,-0.086432&num=1&sll=51.54925,-0.088736&sspn=0.006295,0.006295&gl=uk&ie=UTF8&ll=51.547523,-0.082247&spn=0.010822,0.01929&z=16

and they will also do a bike for £5, take instructions well, comfy sofas you can watch them from. As St3R says tell them where to concentrate on and tip if your happy and planning to go back.

Thanks for the tip. I went there on the weekend with the GF for both our bikes. Good job for £5, although I was a bit running around giving instructions as they were a bit liberal with the jet washers. TBH, I am myself not very sure of the dos and donts of washing so couldn’t be that specific and so don’t blame them.

Did give them a good tip though. £5 for the amount of people and time they took is embarassingly low.

That said, let me know when you are going next so I can benefit from your instructions.

Could I add my name to the list of letting me know when you doing it again so that I can come along and have them do my bike too and follow the same instructions that you give? Cause as above, I don’t really know the do’s and don’t’s of this.

I am also East London based.

just make sure they keep their pressure washers away from wheel bearings and shock / swingarm linkages as they can wash the grease out