Car Tyres.. HALFORDS

Went to Halfords South Ruislip recently to get two new front tyres for my little car… quoted £35.00 per tyre.(OK i now know that this is NOT the place to go ! truly I am a woman in this dept.)

Went for the obligatory Coffee, came back and they had fitted tyres that cost nearly £110.00 !!

I was told tough, I could not argue as the old ones were bald. Accepeted it at the time afterwards I got on to head office and boy did I complain upshot got it refunded… So poor show at South Ruislip and well done head office !

£110 for four tyres? That’s more than HALF the price I pay for HALF the number of tyres for my bike!

Bike tyres are pretty ludicrous in price by comparison.

Having said that, it costs about £110 per tyre on my car!

…It was for my two front tyres on my little Kia Picanto litlle 13" so over a hundred is very expensive ! Yer right tho bike tyres are so expensive !

Well done for getting your money back Weeannie. You should always stand up and complain if you don’t get the service you should getting

Tyre places often have ‘deals’ on to get punters through the door then try to get you to buy the more expensive tyres. TBH if you go for a better name like Bridgestone or Michelin you know you are getting a tyre from a reputable company with years of design and development that will do exactly what it says on the tin. If you get the cheap s*** it is going to be crap at holding the road and will last as long as a cold. Think of it as shoes. Would you go for Manolo Blanks or are you going to go down Asda and get some from George. Of course the tyre fitters are making a better mark up on the more expensive tyres but these are not just for show they are actually designed for your safety so the decision is up to you.

I agree if they didn’t actually consult you before fitting them though you have every right to throw it back in their faces.

I get my shoes from Asda :slight_smile:

You posh so and so i have to get mine from the market HAHA

Market schmarket, I just make mine out of old tyres!

You guys can afford shoes!?