car stereo fitters etc

i am looking for some1 to fit/supply new stereo and replacement speakers in me car.

its only a 1999 fiesta, has no speakers in the back and will neew adaptors for front and back speakers, as i want bigger 1s but to fit to the car not to cut more holes etc

Anyone do this professionally or know some 1?

Cheers, John

I know someone who works for Halfords in that department that does private jobs. He fitted my sub and radio. Done a neat job. I think he charged £35 to fit the two. Can’t remember too welll

I’ve used Ian Bannings of Guildford before. They fitted a sub woofer to my Volvo. The quality of work was outstanding and there was no visible sign of the work they carried out. I’m probably going to go back there again to get the door speakers upgraded. They can perform an upgrade to Pioneers on my car using all the original fittings so that the car will still look stock which is what I’m after.

PM Sent but I forgot to add the following to it:

Speaker Adapter:

Wiring Adapter (Think this is the correct one):

Good luck and let me know.

Joby, the Pioneers that they are probably fitting in your Volvo are pretty good, I had them fitted into my old Renault Megane, although just to let you know, they are really easy to fit and to save you paying someone you could do them yourself quite easily, if you want to send me what model Volvo you have, I can send you a link to the speakers for it.