Car question. Honda Accord 2.4 vtec estate 2004.

The Daewoo has died. RIP.
Anyone got anything bad to say about the above?
Looking at one tomorrow so let`s be quick sharp in our responses.

iirc my mate had the 2006 and it was great for him, clutch went eventually.

Thanks Mian. Eventually sounds ok

PS Hope yer Dad is doing well xx

Vtec engines are notoriously reliable. There is some statistic that shows this but I’m too tired to google it. Some say not even Slan could destroy it.

I had one but a type R model & put over 150k miles on it &never missed a beat & went like it was nicked
the only thing was Honda charge a kings ransom for parts and servicing
I think Num, Num brought one as well as the same thing was asked some time back

Excellent news. We can meet at Chiswick Honda for a coffee in the Honda Café.

2004 to c2010 were dodgy years for fly wheels in the automotive sector. My 2005 Vauxhall Vectra required a replacement fly wheel at 70,000 miles at an estimated cost of £1,750.00 fitted, 2010 prices. OK so the Vauxhall is a slightly different kettle of fish but if the Honda has a dual mass fly wheel my advise would be to walk away, especially if the mileage is getting on.

Not looking good

Honestly, it isn’t the first estate I’d recommend- the word that comes to mind is ‘unrefined’.
They are noisy, uncomfortable and expensive for what you get.
Also expensive to service & maintain.
I’d go for a Ford Focus or a Mazda 6 before I’d go for an Accord Tourer.

NT dual mass flywheels are a diesel thingy
all manufactures have had problems with them
Fords the worst

Just make sure it’s not a diesel!

No it’s petrol :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments so far.

Early to mid 90’s VTEC engines had a weak distributor that would need replacing from memory. Not so clued up on the 00’s onwards.

OK, Its £1500 and an emergency, at least Ill be able to get to work quicker.
The seller lives next door and it`s blue.

Oh, why didn’t you mention that before? If it’s blue, it’s gotta be a good purchase, surely!

That`s what I thought.

So did you buy it?

Test drive and negotiations set for this evening. Daewoo scrapped after 14 years.

Be warned… blue cars will attract more birdshit on them… We used to own a blue and silver car in cheltenham, one parked next to another. Blue was always covered in it, the silver nothing.

Than again it’s luck if you get shat on, so not really all bad :smiley:

@Serrisan, says more about the type of girls you where dating. :wink: