Car Problems

Yeah, I know it’s a bike forum but hopefully somebody might have some ideas.

My car, a 2003 BMW 3 series, has recently taken to cutting out while I’m driving It’s done it 3 times in the last week. Each time it happens, there is a high pitched beep, the car cuts out and the Battery, Oil and Traction Control warning lights show. The car wont re-start for about 20 minutes, even tried bump starting. When it does re-start, it seems fine. The car has never been particularly hot when it happens and before anybody asks, it’s not the petrol

Any ideas/suggestions?

It’s a BMW, what do you expect? he he.

Sounds like a sensor problem to me. FFS don’t take it to a BMW dealer as they’ll rob you of at least 1k.

Think these are prone to sensor faults in the exhaust/cat system.

My suggestion is, find a local friendly mechanic, Flash the pearly whites, reveal a bit of cleavage, and plead poverty. They’re suckers for damsels in distress.

This seems to be an electrical fault, which could be caused by the heavy rain weve been having. DONT take it to BMW as they`ll charge you the earth just to have alook. There should be BMW specialists in your area who can do the same job as a dealer but for half the price.

My car isn`t a BMW but it did the same thing and it was the temp sensor which needed replacing.

Hope this helps

it its a 318 i know they suffer from camshaft sensor problems

it is a 318, the cam shaft sensor could well be the problem, apparently so could the crank shaft sensor

my jeep had the same problem and it turned out to be the crank sensor.i know of a good bema bloke but its in stevenage if it helps

So you`ve been shafted.

Are you sure your gigglepin in the laughingshaft is not broken

Had this problem on an older version 318 check the air flow meter…


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I use for my Audi A8. If the Beemer guys-n-girls are as hot as the Audi crew, they’ll have you sorted in a trice!


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