Car mileage

Following on from a topic I read on here a few weeks ago about what mileage people have done on their bikes over the past year, it got me thinking about private mileage done in our cars (if we have one).

This year has been my lowest ever… 9,850 miles. Will likely increase in 2019 again.

I saw this advert on Autotrader today… this guy must like driving. That’s some serious mileage in an Aygo - 3 years & 3 months old - so 80,000 p/year or 1,538 p/week. I thought an extra ‘0’ had been keyed on the advert in error, but out of nosiness I checked the MOT history and it’s legit. Looks in great condition for the mileage but the price is only £2000 cheaper than ones that have done 35k.

Because parking is such a bloody ass ache where I live. I will often just jump on the motorbike even for odd jobs I would normally consider the car for. So my average mileage in my car is around 6k a year where as my
Motorbike is closer to 15k a year

That is impressive that he’s done that many miles, that quickly…

Price wise, yes it’s high but then 2k is 50% more…

Likewise this year will be my lowest for both… Commuting on train means I’ll be managing less than 5k for car and will be lucky to get to 1k on bike…

Back in the day we’d value high mileage vehicles by the amount of tread left on the tyres. The mileage on this (260,000) is way more than the design build of the car but some fool will no doubt part with their hard earned just to drive a 3 year old car for the price of a much older model.

It’ll end up costing as much as a newer model as bits start failing or falling off. The full service history will make interesting reading and will offer a good insight into the real cost of motoring.

ive driven my new car around 5 times in the year ive owned it
i spend alot my time on my bike

What’s a car?

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Did just over 1300 miles in the car between the last 2 MOT’s
Should probably get rid of it.

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I usually do about 2,000 miles in the car between MoTs - and I know I definitely should get rid of it.

Think I did about 3,000 this year. Miles and smiles though. Any Volvo is like a bespoke easy chair.

My car, bicycle and motorbike will do about 5,000 miles each this year but the car miles are mostly my wife driving.

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My car doesn’t do many miles, but when it does it’s non bike compatible things in it.

I don’t have a car licence.

I have never even had driving lessons.

Already fooled a government inspector into thinking I know how to ride a bike, better not to push my luck.

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