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You may recall back in early June I told the story of how some idiot had banged my car which was parjked outside my house whilst he was reversing into a parking space.

20 years living here, never had an issue until this idiot decided that he would show us all how not to park.

Anyway, I did not claim because the criteria did not fit the definition of an accident and the scuff mark polished out, but idiot in his panic phoned his insurance company (there was quite a bit of damage to his car mind) which is owned by my insurance company who in turn phoned me and I had to go through everything chapter and verse.

I did make it quite clear it was not my intention to claim as there was nothing to claim for, but I did add a footnote that if it affected my premiums, then I would be making a claim to recover my increase in premiums as it was unreasonable to regard me as an increased risk when I was not in the car and the car was parked and stationary at the time.

Anyway, yesterday, insurance renewal comes through.

I have a multi car policy for mine and the Mrs car and surprise surprise, the premium had increased by nearly £200 on last years policy.

So, a quick shop around online using the comparison sites and I found several quoting cheaper than I paid last year, so I phoned my insurance to let them know that I would not be renewing and why I would not be renewing and guess what?..

They matched the new quotes meaning that to renew the insurance for both cars is cheaper this year than last with enhanced features included in the cover.

As far as I am concerned, a result as it means I do not have to mess around getting proof of no claims, setting up new direct debits and so on.

In the same post was my renewal for Green Flag, They had increased the annual premium by £30.

So again, a quick shop around and as a new customer I could get the same level of cover £40 cheaper.

So another phone call with the new quote in front of me and guess what? “Oh we will match that!”

So why not do it in the first place? I asked.

It is all computer generated was the reply.

Load of [email protected] thoght I, but hey ho, another saving made and no need to mess around with changing anything.

I hate insurance companies :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


goes without saying he is right tbh! as you will well know all done on stats etc etc. I have had this multiple times over the years.

Once I was with bennetts renewal was crap, quick comparison check and bennetts themselves was the cheapest and cheaper than the renewal they sent me, so cancelled the renewal and signed up to the same company with same cover just cheaper.

even the guy laughed when I was telling him.

I recommend everyone to one or other of the comparison websites although I stopped using them myself 5 years ago because the quotes from ‘Just’ offered the cover I wanted at unbeatable prices. Over the last 5 years…

Just Motorcycle Insurance premiums have risen from £82.54 to £91.60.

Just Motor Insurance premiums have dropped from £275.18 to £159.73.

Oddly enough two claims for non-fault written off motorcycles and going from 9 points to nil points on the driving licence made no difference to the motorcycle premiums but reduced the car premiums by around 60%!

What I can’t keep up with is some car insurers have told me I don’t have to put down a motorcycle write off I had in 2015 as I’m already paying for it on that policy, then most you can’t have your no claims bonus on more than one vehicle - why not? It’s not like you suddenly forget how to ride as soon as you get on a second bike?

One bike insurer disputed with me on “length of time licence held” - because I had the A2 licence and then the test for the A licence. They defined the requirement to take another test as being the reason. Okay, so what about pre 2013 when licences auto upgraded?

Okay no problem in principle with them defining A licence differently as you’re riding a bigger bike, but why then is the drop down only of the form “full UK licence, provisional, learner etc” not “A, A1, A2” etc. Needless to say I annulled that policy and went with someone else.

There are so many unscrupulous practices within the industry, I also hate them!

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This one really annoys me, my single biggest argument is and has always been. I cannot physically ride/drive them all at the same time so why can the NCB not be used across them…

Although if you dig out my post earlier in the year, it is all complete bullshit anyway

We need driving licence categories. Its the same with all vehicles cars are grouped B1, B, B auto and BE (and more) the only difference being power and weight.

Back in the day when my Grandfather obtained his UK driving licence he just turned up at the Post Office filled in the appropriate form, handed over the fee and got a driving licence that entitled him to drive any motorised road going vehicle from a moped to an articulated lorry. Now clearly that can’t be right!

The reviews of Just Motorcycle Insurance on Trust Pilot are 100% bad. That’s quite a feat!

100% bad is definately an achievement until you start to delve into the comments. Seems most comments relate to folk wanting to cancel, forgetting to renew or bartering for a cheaper premium. Meaning that the 100% bad rating is from folk not wanting insurance with them, not a representative cross section of customers.

Been with Just for 5 years, two claims (both handled to my satisfaction), two house moves and never had a problem. Moving into London they hiked my premiums up by £50 for the car and £150 for the Motorcycle. Moving out of London car premium reduced by £150 and motorcycle premium reduced by £300. Nothing to complain about here.

Only 95% bad now :wink:

I took my licence back when they did the whole auto upgrade and I always feel a bit lost when it asks how long I’ve held my licence for. I always put down from when I got the Cat A with 33bhp restriction licence but if an insurance company looked at my licence in detail they’d see a date that didn’t correspond.

Because when my licence auto upgraded I had to send my licence off to get the 33bhp code removed and in doing so they changed the date I apparently obtained my motorcycle licence. Luckily I’ve retained my pass certificate and paper part which clearly outline when I really received my motorcycle licence for any issues in the future.

Not necessarily, I ride an A2 bike yet have never held an A2 licence. But premiums are set in part based on the bike you insure, so that is taken into account anyway.

They cannot even make a reasonable assumption on a rider’s ability from the licence category. The same test has to be taken for all of them, even AM. And test centres locations make a big difference between what two riders of the same category had to demonstrate.

I could have received my full A licence never having been on a 40 mph or faster road, because being in south London I never went on any where I took my lessons and tests. Still managed to get a minor for undue hesitation on a 20mph road, though!

When it comes to renewal, I don’t even bother with comparison sites anymore (especially with being able to get another years NCB).
Just call up my existing insurer, tell them I’ve done some shopping around online and have found a quote cheaper - make something up off the top of my head (depending on the vehicle and existing insurance amount, this can vary between 10-20%), and invariably get it knocked down to match (or almost match it).
Quite a good use of the approx 10 mins it usually takes

Eg when I renewed my motorbike a few months ago - last year it cost me a little over £400 (fully comp, inc leathers/helmet etc). Called them up etc, got it down to around £330

The main trick I’ve found is not to use whole numbers (eg £320.00). Instead use something slightly odd, with some pennies thrown in (eg £324.61)


Hey TC. If I were in your shoes, I would say to the insurance company that matching a competitors price is not good enough anymore, and that to keep my custom, they would have to beat the competitors price by £reasonable-amount.

Did better than that.

Got my home and contents insurance included on a multi policywith the same insurer for no additional cost and the home content policy is far superior to what we currently have.

So, I am lets just say, pretty chuffed with the result :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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@The_Sleeper… My bug bear too. Claims made are used against you with all vehicles, so to my mind no claims should work across all vehicles in teh same manner…

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Not necessary so. Just Motor Insurance told me they were not interested in the two claims I made against my Just Motorcycle policy!

So you’re saying that if you make a claim on your bike insurance, you should lose your no-claims bonus on your car insurance too?

That’s right Pat. A claim is a claim regardless or at least that’s how the insurance companies trust it.

It doesn’t work like that each policy has its own NCB and they do not affect each other. If you make a claim on your motorcycle insurance that causes the loss of your NCB on that policy it does not affect your car policy NCB and visa versa. Although it can have an affect across premiums because the insurance see you as a higher risk once you’ve made a claim.

@Pat. What I am saying is, whether you insure a car or a bike (thats irrelevant) what happens is they ask if you have had a claim made in the last 5 etc years. Own fault or not. If like me you have use of multiple vehicles and have had only one claim (example) that one claim has to be divulged for all vehicles insured. (A multi vehicle policy isnt in effect) But whereas any NCB when asked for will only be used for one vehicle out of the group of vehicles. The claim is taken into account for all vehicles but the NCB isnt… That is my gripe.