Car insurance lapse for one/two days?

Car insurance runs out tonight and I want to re insure on the 25th.

Not going to drive it and its parked on a private road.

I’m not going to get a fine for having it uninsured for one/two days am I??

Tricky one

As I understand it if the road is open to public access, and most private roads are, then the RTA’s apply and insurance is required.

edit: RTA 1988 section (1) defines “road”

(a) in relation to England and Wales, means any highway and any other road to which the public has access …

Even if it’s stuck away in a garage, then under the ‘continuous insurance’ regulations introduced a few years ago you’re still committing an offence if you don’t SORN it.

^^ true but I very much doubt anything will come of it if it’s only a couple of days. I left my car uninsured on the road for 1.5 weeks before I finally found a buyer for it and never heard a word about it.

As I understand it it takes a couple of weeks for them to send you a reminder/warning, then another week or two for them to send you a fine if you don’t insure it.

You might as well SORN it - this is free to do, and can be done online in a matter of minutes.

Better to be safe than sorry!

Doesn’t it need to be off the road too if it is SORN’d?

Don’t SORN it - there is no need. Yes you are supposed to have it continuously insured BUT I have recently had a couple of vehicles (one car, one motorbike) uninsured for more than a couple of MONTHS and no fine. I got “reminder” letters on both of them telling me about the newish law (continuous insurance). Neither one has resulted in a fine - I think they are playing it softly softly for the time being.

This is what I understand the case to be too.

Anyway its just until tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

Just to be clear - I had this wrong - so deleting my comment!

Ah, I understood it would; were I to take a vehicle off the road and SORN it what else do I need to do in order to not need to insure it?

Due to a mixup from all parties, I had a car for 2 weeks uninsured last year. Was using it on the road, though parked off road and no body said a thing. It was only when I went to check something in the paperwork had I realised the F-up.

fingers crossed for you!

Ha! I just re-read the continuous insurance rules and declaring it SORN does mean no insurance is needed. WTF. I had two letters on vehicles and neither one had ever been on the road while I owned it (so in other words had been declared SORN). The only thing I can think of is that because I became the new keeper that meant I had to re-sorn it???

Anyway - my bad!

Simon - if a vehicle transfers ownership, that cancels the SORN, so the new keeper would need to re-SORN it.

so here is a question.

My Bikes MOT ran out a while back, still insured and tax’d (well until renewal of tax anyways).

but I’m going to have to SORN the bike when that comes in, until I get round to repairing (and shiver helps me).

So given the bike does not need an MOT to ride to the centre and back, whats the score once it is SORN, do I have to get it taken down in a van, or can I still ride it to the MOT centre.

That explains why they were pissed off with me! Didn’t fine me though!

Sleeper - you’re not allowed to ride the bike on the road if it’s SORN’D, so you’ll not be able to ride it to the MOT