car driving lessons

i do understand this is a bike forum, but i don’t care. i’ve been taking my driving lessons, my god, all these perks that car drivers have, like heating, self cancelling indicator, window wipers… so safe and more importantly being able to hold up the traffic without being bullied off the road. i’d get slaughtered on the road if i’d been doing speeds i was doing yesterday on my bike out on the road, lets just say the highest speed i got to was 32mph when driving myself back home. feck it, it i don’t feel bad about holding anyone up on the road all those cagers can eat my dust :smiley:

riding a bike definitely helped me to spot those niftly bastards ( :smiley: just kidding ), i definitely know where to look out for them, that’s my main worry about driving a car is i don’t want to hurt anyone especially them. and i still got a nod from a biker whilst being in the car :smiley: …mainly because i was letting him through though…

i would get so scared being in the middle of the road in car when cars approach, needing to hide behind parked vehicles…i’m ok with now. haven’t tried parallel parking yet or hill start, but i bet parking will be aweful for me as i feel uneasy about size of my vehicle as it is

I meant to learn last year and never did anything about it :frowning: good for you

good on youy Anna :smiley:

driving defo has its perks :wink:

nice one anna . well if and when i goto australia you can have my car for 50 quid ok its a banger but its worth 300 or more odd:) l ol cheap on the insurance too

I’ll have it if she doesn’t want it :smiley:

ok first dibs to anna 2nd dibs to you dan. was that yr bike with the blue neon lights up the tea hut on wed?

Weren’t you teaching Anna to drive, Daniel? I seem to remember a conversation at the Ace where you offered…I thought you were her instructor!

Nah… I think it was Jaime. I would if I had insurance on my car. I’ll prob sell it soon.

So another who has there full bike licence but no car licence . I was much the same It was 4 years after my bike licence that I got round to my car licence . I had a long and drawn out argument on another forum about what should come first bike or car . As it was a US forum I was subject to much flaming as the general concensus of the septics is, cars first to get used to roads and traffic therfore making you safer on the bike as you learn . My argument hinged on being a bike rider making you a better car driver but they reckoned most wouldn’t live long enough to make it to the car test . Final conclusion was I am still the token Brit and my thinking is going to be weird .

haha, let me quickly dissapoint you by saying that i agree with what you said above and that one of my ex’es…kiwi one, thought the same way too, he said every person who wants to drive a car should be made to ride a bike for a bit to see what it’s like.

“Most wouldn’t live long enough to make it to their car test”?! well i suppose that’s americans for you.

hehe, well yes it definitely wasn’t you, but it wasn’t Jaime either. the person that really helped me was my mate Quentin ( he’s not a biker and not on this forum) bless him, i had only one night of “training” with him and by the end of it i was driving and he was asleep…:smiley:

you can’t be serious £50??!! when i get to pick up your car will it at least have four wheels so i can drive it home ? :smiley: :smiley: just kidding. i’m not sure whether i would want to own a car in london, i mean i don’t have a garage if i want to declare off the road, as i’m not going to do a lot of driving around london, unless i get to drive for a living if so then i might be given company car.

at the moment to cut all costs, i’m thinking about renting a car as and when i would need it, like for example a trip to scotland…which i am not prepared to do on a bike…

so yeah, my goal is once i get a car, i’m going to scotland…hehe i remember when i was doing my bike lessons all i was thinking " once i get a bike i’m going to wales "

im takeing my bike licence atm as soon as i pass im going to start driving lessons with my mates mom shes a advanced drivering instructor =] and because iv known her years shes only chargeing me £20 a hour witch seems very reasonable

ere ang on a min? yr not gonna get a car but hire one, thats more exspenssive? yeah you get to drive a brand new car but???

Its £20 an hour most places Ross lol. Mine worked out to £18p/h when I block booked and I passed 1st time :smooooth:.

I done mine with Driveland and they are one of the best in the area.

ive thought about the whole bike/car first thing and from my experience i would say that it’s a theoretical example of little use.

in my life i learnt first bicycles then mopeds then scooters then car then manual bike. but that’s not at all the way i thought it should be done it was just what i had access to.

so i think it’s about effort more than vehicle, if you make sure you get as much good experience as possible, whatever the vehicle you have access to, you will reap the benefits!

when I passed my car driving test I spent the next few months building up my experience going on drives just to drive, to build confidence and experience, and so i think you have to force yourself to go to school even without an instructor as it were.

i forced myself out of my comfort zone as the objective is to be able to drive whatever the circumstance. if your wife’s water breaks and it’s raining and youve never driven in rain then that would be bAd.

bottom line: easy driving when you feel like it or want to. but use the time straight after you pass your test to get to the point where driving becomes an automatism.

i think you’ll find that in order to rent a car, you will need a licence for 1 or 2 years first :pinch:

oh well. at least you’re heading in the right direction…

Daniel every place iv looked into have said £25 -£30 and charge between £40-£50 ish to use there car for the main test but i get to use it for free so £20 a hour and no charge to use her car for the test =]

id help in lessons but im not very good …

if you can ride and have done the full test all you need to worry about is the car controls as you already know the rules of the road. I delayed my bike test and getting a bike as i smashed enough cars and didnt want to do the same on a bike.

only issue with driving schools they advise you to delay a test so 1 they get more money from extra lessons 2 they keep good stats

never learnt to drive 1 or taken a car test…one advantage of being an old goat an joining Army many moons ago was straight onto HGV’s and never looked back :slight_smile: