car door opened on me while filtering

on my way home coming up telford ave the traffic was backing up waiting to turn onto streatham high road on the right at the top is an island on the left a clear gap so i slowed down went to pass the first car got just to the rear quarter rear passenger door opens no time to do anything smash i hit the door move a foot forward crush mushroom hits door i hit a nice merc and im stuck pinned between both cars and my bike.

both hands went numb couldn’t move managed to hit the kill switch turn off and get off luckily my mate who lives a few doors from me saw it all and helped me get out of my gear

the bone below my little finger has the ball end snapped off so ill need a pin in there will find out in the morning when my op is


could be worse, heal fast dude.

Bike looks a mess…write off i rekon, forks prob bent, lots of panel dmagae, im taking it side of bikes is marked up too.

looks liek you will get a bigger bike? happened to me dude, chin up move up:)

Glad you’re more or less okay - could have been much worse…

tank is marked and the frame is aswell not happy

haha you need another mirror:P heal up dude:cool:

i had this a few years ago as well on a rg250 gamma witch is still in a lock p atm over in chatham! it was when i 1st started riding (legally) on the road… my 16 years riding ive only come off 3 times not bad…

OOOOOOOOOhhhhh that dont look right… the bike i mean… but hey ho least now i aint the only one with funny little fingers… like ratty said… chin up… onto bigger and better things now :smiley:

Get well soon !

Someone opening there door was allways a fear I had when I was a courier, could have been a real lot worst. Hope it heals quickly :slight_smile:

:frowning: poor SV…not good man…frame being dinged is not good at all. BUT yiu just have to see, main thing is get ya hand sorted.

and as henry pointed out…you need another fecking mirror:D:hehe:

unlucky mate… nothing you could do! :ermm: thankfully it wasnt as bad as it could.

hope the claim settles quickly, did they take full responsibility?


Ouch mate, a big fear of mine as well…

Be interesting as to what happens with responsibility (is it the driver of the car or the passenger?), were you on the inside? Good that your mate saw the whole thing.

Hope it gets sorted soon…

I’m glad you’re still in one piece, dude. That’s nightmare stuff.

What did the people in the car say? I do hope they were apologetic.

It looks like the fairing has a little scuff on it, by the way… :wink:

Glad your ok ish, heal up soon, time for some bike shopping I think :slight_smile:

I’m fairly sure that the driver of a vehicle is responsible for the actions of his/her passengers.

Was your friend a witness? I hope somebody was, coz you know what people are like sometimes. Once the muppets get over the shock it’s not long before the mental self-justification process starts. Within 24hrs the pratts will have convinced themselves they were wholly innocent of all responsibility and they start massaging the facts to fit.

I hope they do the decent thing though, and admit all responsibility. With injuries and a knackered bike you don’t need any more stress in your life. If they do cut up shitty with you I’d advise letting a specialist bike solicitors such as White Dalton (or similar) take over the case and fight it for you.

Hope you get well soon and are back on a bike enjoying yourself in no time.

OUCH! Get well soon. I cannot believe they did not see that shiney clean beautiful bike coming!

Make sure you get decent witness statements and press hard for total.

Mate that’s a bummer, though now you might get bionic megapowers in your little finger.

Get well soon mate :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about this Shiver mate. Hope hand get’s better soon and SV is set back to rights quickly mate.