Caption time...

We all knew creating a LB health and safety team was a bad idea:P



That’s just mean Dan

Is that his helmet he’s bowling? Don’t reckon much on the new Alpinestar boots

Slarty thinks to himself… “If I’d picked the green ball I would have got 5 bhp more”:w00t:

Na he was testing the temperature of his ball…Tug recond Slarty looked quite feckable in them shoe’s :smiley:

Tug said the same about you the previous week though Terry :stuck_out_tongue:

where do you think we disappeared between games ;):smiley:

Someone told me they heard Tug say how tight the hole was… They thought he meant the holes in the ball;):slight_smile:

Tugs the Bitch ;):smiley:

Nah, the one between em :wink:

Thanks :w00t: Horrible picture, not my best side ;):smiley:

I think you’ve gotten off lightly so far :stuck_out_tongue:

Captain of the Village People bowling team

Slarty thinks to himself “I wish terrymoto would stop looking at my arse”:smiley:

Maltesers aint as big as they used to be;)