Caption Contest . . .

Gucci designers take Haute couture to a new level . . .


does my head look big in this?

i can smell beaver…

You would!

Caption?…“your face my …”! or

“While your down there”

Excuse me, I think you have a little something on your face.

I like my beavers shaved

We must stop running into each other like this…people might get the wrong idea!

smells like McDonalds, tastes like KFC

This is marsupials call a ‘nose job’

F.C.U.K.'s new **** face campaign?

Call that an armadillo?

…Paul? …Sam? …Richard? …who is this?

Doc I woke up this morning with this zit on my face…(doc)excuse me dear, I must say its an improvement

“Could sombody PLEASE get this woman off my ass”

Well, you did say no fur this season

ive gone blind,

well hello, ding dong!

suck it you bitch!!!


“Are you in yet?”

“In? Ive finished”


Every Dogs Dream Cream !!