Caption Competition

who knows and who cares :P:hehe:



“I will have chips and you’re not gonna stop me” :wink:

These bikes fall like dominoes…dominoes…

> Repeat verse



quick someone stop that pieman !!! :):slight_smile:

“first rule of fight club…”

Is that the way to Chichester. :slight_smile:

Did you say ive lost weight!!!

“I am Spartacus”:slight_smile:

“I don’t care which way Kaos said it was, I know it is that way!”

Your tailgunner, OK:D

YES I HAVE got time for a quick smoke before we set off !

(fk knows what he was actually saying but look quite shocked ?!?!)

“I’ll fight any man in this car-park for a pie” :w00t:

Is he snarling at Hannibal" You may be 6" taller than me but I could have you squealing like a bitch in no time"l

Ha, Ha, it just goes to show you how a picture can tell a thousand lies:w00t:

"Young Man, there’s no need to feel down, I said Young Man…

with accompanying dance moves?

“You put your right hand in, your right hand out!”

Yes I am the fecking tea pot! Got a problem? :w00t:

“pull my finger”:smiley:

Always believe in your soul,
You’ve got the power to know,
You’re indestructible,
Always believe in,
Because you are…