caption competition

Woah…look at all this gold down here! rubs hands in glee:smiley:

old man walking by

“When I was younger, I could go in up to my chest!”

1,2,3,4,5,6,…HERE I COME…READY OR NOT!!!:w00t:


“ga day sport” can i come to your country :smiley:

Who drained the water out of the small pool for his defdifing dive from 100ft.:smiley:

I told him not to argue with the men digging that hole! :wink:

terrymoto doing a stoppie:D

Isn’t that Terry’s latest conquest (according to that other thread…) :Whistling:

The Sikh Eating Missile failed to explode on impact:w00t:

“Sadam was found underground, i’m sure Osama down here somewhere”

Well I have heard of heavy headed but that really is stupid! [no pun, intended…well maybe]

“…but they told me that if i did this i would be avoid the 3 points and the fine!!!”

. . . And it was at that moment that ‘Ranjee - The Human Mole’ realised that his debut performance wasn’t going well . . .

“Sanjiv, Indias number 1 freejumper gets it wrong…”

i did tell him the brakes were good but you know some people.

"All together now…

The suicide jumper leapt of the building head first!!, lucky or not the ground was soft!

“If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands…”

The old girl is saying “Silly Fakir”:smiley: