Caption competition time

Prize* will be posted to winner at the end

Prize requires a £1,000 upfront fee and will remain a secret until presented to the winner :stuck_out_tongue:

Sanjay’s Stunt School had seemed VERY cheap, but Vijay was determioned to learn the Famous Dirtbike Face Plant that had won Sanjay global acclaim on YouTube


accentmodeon// &p shakingheadmodeon// ‘This is push up Delhistyle next one we clap hands too, burpee is for pussy’ //shakingheadmodeoff &p //accentmodeoff

I’m not sure who will come off worse. The rider get’s a flat surface, the passenger gets the back of the riders head. Maybe they weren’t going very fast.

Caption, “Why did you disable the ABS?” /lame I know

Bintang…get your cock outtta my ass :smiley:

KTM’s version of ‘launch control’.

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to service it exactly every 3000 miles [WHAM]”

“Oo-er, it wasn’t like this on me Grandad’s elephant”

Are you sure this is how KTM say to start it?

“Ooo Shiiiit! Can’t see a thing…my head’s been cut and pasted!”

Atishoo atishoo we all fall down

All for one… And one for all…

With the economic downturn continuing to bite into advertising revenues, the decision of off shoring the stunt team by Red Bull was looking more and more like a false economy.

New front pads.