Caption comp

what do u think hes up to



“I’m telling you I can put a cloth in this ear and pull it out of the other!!”

Trying out a new invisible lid?

Wills prepares for Elton’s performance at Wembley.

Oh, it’s Elad!

“I’ve got these little black dots in my fingers that I have to stick in my eyes, just like this…”

Hahah love it ginge, and pfout!

But I guess I have to bring it down to my (and Afros!) level…

‘So I had my head between her legs like this…’

“when I grow up like daddy, am i going to have the same size ears?” asked Wills

“Mork calling Orson”

Elad is under the power of:-

He’s about to take his earplugs off.

yeah, I’m haven’t got sense of humor here…

But it’s pretty obvious.

What do you mean not everyone flosses !