Caption Comp

Just saw this pic in the Shakedown thread.

Come on chaps…



Hmmmm… your leathers smell a bit sweaty!

Not a good idea to take a hungry Ginger somewhere where the caff’s shut just when he fancies a hotdog…

At first I couldn’t see Gingers body just his hair so I thought they had their bits out ( sorry )

“Quick Ging, the others wont notice, honest!”

Ginger saying “I that the straw i suck for my coke”.

Ginger: ‘Wow - a 5-spotted ladybird right there on the ground between your feet!!’

Other bloke: ‘While you’re down there Ginge…’ (sorry, don’t know your name!)

Ginger nuts

You don’t have to hold me down!!

Now hold still whist I surgically insert this ciggy in your ear hole…and you lot grin so it don’t look so bad…

" suck on this bitch!" hehe

Westie in the back ground saying " You lucky bugger."

Blade:- “will anyone notice if I puke in this helmet”

testing testing 1 2 1 2

suck it like u stole it!!!and flippin well hurry b4 they notice!!!