Caption Comp Time

Paul, FFS its not a pogo stick its a garden fork!

Obviously, Sam’s objection to Paul’s idea of a wheelie statue was met with swift and deadly force.

Now, just need to hide the body - he thought.

Ok i’m forked now:w00t:

Sam are you sure we need to go down 6 feet!!

Hey these are more comfy than that Blade of mine!!

Fireplace paul test ride/wheelies the new honda pogostick:P

memories of glory times as school gymnastics champion came rushing back

Here i go diggin’ myself into another hole! :slight_smile:

So kind of Wasp to let me build an extra bedroom in the garden - saves me sleeping in the car! :smiley:

Since spending that night with Westie, objects that used to stay, just kept falling out :hehe:

Second fork thinks: ‘If I hide up here maybe he won’t jump on me!’

with lisp: thissss isss going to bee the bessstttht wendy houssssth ever

The training is going really well for ‘Unbeatable Banzuke’ that pogo bit should be a doddle! :stuck_out_tongue:

“can someone help me pls!! quickley!!- the other fork has got wedged and I’ve now got cashback!”

Oh i nearly wet myself reading that!! sooo funny:w00t:

Sam, did you ask him to mow or Fork your lawn :Whistling::wink:

All I came round for was four candles not Fork Handles :pinch: DOH!






Admit it, that was terrible!
(so was the tumbleweed pic) :hehe:


Ok new caption:

Paul’s getting his spuds ready for deep sowing and germination

A fork up the but is worth a spade in the mud? :w00t:

I’m telling you: This IS how David Blaine Does It!


I Know That Body Is Around Here Somewhere…