Woah! Thats quite spectacular! Very cool stuff! :cool:

The way they throw themselves round the tumble mats - they make it look so easy!

I want to be like them :w00t: but…Can’t be bothered today.

Going for a ride tomorrow…

Then need to help my wife on the day that follows…

I think we’ve got friends coming around on saturday…

Shopping on sunday, then a visit to my mum…


I’ll do it next time! Some other time…

I wish I wasn’t lazy at all :wink:

Damn… :crazy:

I wonder how many trips to the emergency room it takes before you get some of THOSE moves perfected?

I liked the way they showed the **** ups too :slight_smile: Especially when one of them got stuck in the tube and the other one jumped on him.

I got some friends that have been doing Capoeira for years, I tried it a while back and decided its not for my body type. Its seriously hard work.

I have no doubt :crazy:

My ex practised that for many years…Really good to watch, but I was never very agile enough for it myself. :wink:

All i can say is wow!