Capital Assist


Has anyone heard of captial assist or had any experience with using them? Any feed back would be appreciated

Never used them, have no idea who they are apart from looking at their website on Google recently.

However - not long ago we had to call the RAC, who then called a local breakdown firm to recover the bike home when it was the victim of an accident.

For about a week after that these “Capital Assist” people kept phoning and texting saying that they were calling on behalf of the RAC - the RAC deny giving my number out to them, but how else did they get it?

Seems like they are ambulance-chasers out to try to represent people who have had accidents.

“ambulance chasers”, I like the term!

So them being ambulance chasers a good or a bad thing? As I get the impression its a bad thing…

Depends if you like being chased by ambulances

Oh …

Wait …


Like most accident management firms, they are connnected in some way with various organisations and make their money from the hire of bikes and collating the information, and then in most cases they will pass it on for a commision or auction off the case to the highest bidder as a refferal.

If you were injured, you would be better off appointing your own solicitor to represent you on a no win no fee, although bear in mind that if your injuries are realatively minor, it is possible that they may not want to know as the value of the injury has to be over £1000 for them to be able to recover their costs.

If it is a damage only crash, then you have two options, 1 is to let your insurance deal with it, or deal with it yourself which is very simple and more cost effective.

There have been issues with accident management firms recently as they have tried to charge for a hire bike even though the rider declined because they were not in a position to ride, and yet there were still costs running out at about £100 per day for a bike that could not be ridden, and this could run into several thousands in a bad injury case, the courts in turn have rejected some hire costs and this has resulted in the claimant nlosing part of their compensation to cover these hire costs.

One person has recently been hit with a £10,000 bill from an accident management firm because these costs were refused by the court, and stories of £5,000+ bills are common place.

At least with a solicitor on a no win no fee you will keep 100% of your compensation, you do not get hit for any hidden costs, but just as importantly, you get to choose who will handle your case which for most people would be a firm reasonably close to where they live as opposed to someone at the opposite end of the country.

If you would like to discuss this or get some advice in private and without obligation, you are welcome to drop me a PM.