aka the Myopic Ninja!!




that’s just not right! :w00t:

What the hell has happened to that Kwak? :sick:

who designed those bad boys?

My what big eyes you have!!! :w00t:

eyes popping out, scared sh…tless lol

Very cool. As Wasp knows, I’m a big fan of the CX500 headlamp (proper sized, that), so I like this a lot. :slight_smile:

Thats a Street Triple!!! LOL

Eeew, fugly !

proof that bigger is not always better

You won’t ge a SMIDSY with those bad bOOys

I like it, it kinda looks like a frightened frog :cool:

think only way he could have made that stand out any more was to fit two of these on it …cibie super oscars

hmmm i do miss the i can see for miles and miles effect these had …:smiley:

No don’t start on about that headlight again…:w00t:

About the only good thing going for them.