Can't see threads on galaxy note

Hi Jay,

FYI, For the past couple of days, if I am logged in, I can’t see threads on my Galaxy note. I can see the header, but no threads. When I’m not logged in it shows all the threads.

I don’t know what version of explorer my phone uses, sorry.

What did he say?

Sorry about that mole. What page is this on? Latest, popular or forum thread indexes? Also, are you using the standard browser that came with the phone? I might have to ask you to collect some diagnostic info for me once I work out how to do that for your phone.

Hi Jay, it’s anywhere past the home screen when you go into a forum, I haven’t used latest or popular. I can log in and get redirected to the home screen where it says the titles of all the forums. Click on a forum and you go into the forum but the threads don’t load.

Yeah, it’s just the standard browser that comes with the phone. It’s an NT-7000 model.

Mmmm okay I may have to have a look later. I’ve made one change for mobile users just now but I have no idea at this point if it would fix the issue you’re having. Let me know? Thanks mole.

Heh! That’s amazing! Yep, works fine now! Cool, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

So this is where I correct myself and say I thought it would fix it :slight_smile: Thanks mole.

i’m still having issues on my devices jay

Sent you a PM about it fella.