Can't see anything

As much as I like my new GSXR600K6 the lights on it are absolute pants, main beam is ok but normal is rubbish especially round left hand corners, anyone any idea what I should do? Has anyone fitted new brighter bulbs and if so which ones should I get?

This might help but probably isnt cheap

Before you buy some expensive new lights get a mechanic to check that your lights have been adjusted correctly for UK roads…something that is easily forgotten during PDI as you would expect it to be correct from the factory, but alot of UK bikes were actually destined for mainland Europe so the lights go the wrong way!

Free fix too!

Ah good point - had the same thing on my car, lights were pointing the wrong way and didnt light up signs etc, not too good when your going down a motorway in the dark

Just what I was about to say. Had the same problem this summer and with a quick adjustment made the world of difference.

Good point - I’ll take it to the dealers next week