Canon kit sale

So, I have a great deal on a new 5D - which means the following will be surplus. PM me if you’re interested.

EOS40D exc nick, screen protected, no marks. Spare battery - boxed with all documentation, software, charger and strap.
Canon 10 -22 EFS USM zoom with Canon hood and UV filter - unmarked.
Canon 24 - 105 L EF USM zoom - brand new comes with kit and I already have one - not sure if kit lens comes with hood though.

Check Ebay for prices and you’ll find that lot would come to around £1650. If you go for the lot I’ll sell at £1500,


hows the new kit working out?

any more additions to go with the 5dii?

Yeah, interesting… been away and using the 5D11 a lot, stuck with a 50 prime, 28 104L and a sigma 70 300. The 50 prime seems to’suit’ the camera best, prob my fav lens, the 1.8 ap makes it easy to use the low light capability.

Interestingly though it does take a bit of skill/practise/familiarity to get the best out of it, but the trick is not to worry to much about the ‘in camera’ results, shoot raw and indulge in CS4, loads of latitude to correct/enhance stuff. You have to understand what you’re doing, and it is making me shoot more manual than before.

CS4! what a tool that is. I went from CS2 and it’s quite different, will take some getting used to.

attached a couple of low res jpgs pics taken at a local gig 3200 and 4000 iso, difficult as thy’re always moving and it’s a dark space, but do-able.





good man. haven’t had another night event as such to try out the 5 on. the high iso is great isn’t it!have been ‘making do’ with the kit 24-105 L which I’m more than pleased with myself. with the battery grip on and the hood etc it tends to make people a little more nervous than the ol’ pentax thats for sure!

I’ve got the 70-200L f/2.8 IS on the way so looking forward to the extra reach and extra stop of light/depth of field. been considering a nifty fifty - its manual focus right?

agreed on the menu’s there’s a hell of a lot of tweaking available in there. after initial setup i haven’t gone back in there that much tbh.

similarly finding RAW worth the extra effort to get the extra tweakability (esp on white balance). dont know about you but the 20mb file sizes dont half screw with my pc tho…

couple of recent shots of the family:




Great shots, nice lighting. No the 50mm is manual and auto, early ones were ally bodied, later one’s plastic - well worth the money, 2nd hand they’re a bargain, apart from the 1.2, but tbh the 1.8 is enough.
I need to get some more practise before a Northern Lights cruise next month, looking forward to that
Agreed on the file sizes, I had to buy a new laptop to cope with processing!

northern lights cruise sounds interesting. who’s that with?

thanks on the pics, nice light and a bit of luck methinks :wink:

Ok cool, will keep an eye out on fleabay for a 50, sounds like it might be worth putting in the arsenal at some point (after i’ve stopped crying over the price of the telephoto!)

going to do a couple of weeks of travelling myself at the start of march so i’m sure i’ll have annoyed the crap out of the missus with the 5 by the end of it :wink:

Ha, as if your ( or mine ) would get bored with us banging on about cameras…err.

Hurtigruten are the cruise company - 7 days, plus a pro photographer on hand to help.