Cannot find the post about the cheap gps tracker

About two, three, or four months ago, someone on here made a posting about a cheap gps tracker, available on Ebay. I’m looking for that thread now, but cannot find it. I beleiver that person was going to buy it, and I want to find out how it has been working. Can anyone pint me in the right direction please?

Think it might have been me_groovy?

ah glad you posted this, I was looking for that as well… let me know if you find it

You can now use the SEARCH facility in the top right hand corner of the screen :wink:

Maybe a post from SYSMON??

Was it one of these?

I bought one but haven’t got round to buying a sim for it yet.

Clearly you have some skill in the search department @Michael!

@IMORTAL_Indian - I tried that using both “gps” and “tracker” but did not find what I was looking for, which Michael has done.

@Michael - Thank you for that. How did you find it?

@me-groovy - Gotcha. Oh come on Mian, you’ve have it for three months. Anyone would think you’re too busy rebuilding and repairing bikes. Hurry up dude. give me a full report before the end of next week and I’ll buy you another beer.

@TimmyFox - Yeah, how come he found it and I couldn’t? Would it be due to my low IQ level of, err, umm, errrrrr, 5?

the one in a link looks like a clone of Chinese tracker, so expect anything from it as even genuine sometimes are playing up. Real manufacturer is Xexun and model is TK102B. Look it up, I’m sure you’ll find some reviews and issues they have.
There is a waterproof version as well, with more functions like engine cut off just by sending SMS.

here’s some installation guide and discussion

Afraid my search for the old thread was simply “gps tracker ebay” !

I still haven’t repaired my tracker… the power connector came loose off the circuit board :confused: meaning it’s battery only. Not exactly ideal.

@me_groovy - Come on man, what’s keeping you?

^^probably just bought another “project.”

i actually put a sim card in it last weekend but I don’t think it’s activated yet so I need to find an o2 phone to test it in.

me-groovy - What the latest on this project dude?

need to get some credit on the sim card.

As I understand it, if you get two Lyca SIM cards, then texts between them are free.

Hey Mian - What’s the latest on this?