Cannot display web page

I’ve got this IE page mixed in with the LB pages…the site works ok but has this message across the top and down one side. Anyone else?

I got that too…and the back button sends everything screwy:crazy:

Back button not working on mine…

Fine with me…at the moment.

Sorry, no idea why that is happening. Will highlight this to Jay for you :slight_smile:
Just moving this into site issues… :kiss:

I get that as well.

Your server has blocked the ads. As I understand it, the ads on this site run via an Adobe based application. Some servers block these as this can be an ‘entry point’ for virus’s and spyware into your system.



We’re moving things around on the ad side of things and this will go back to normal in a bit.

Sorry for the hassle

Aye, it might take up to half a day. We’ll keep an eye on it. Apologies for now. It’s just the way the web works, nothing we can do.

Rob, that’s not true, there’s no blocking going on, we’re just going through a DNS migration. There’s also no spyware risk. Some of our ads use Flash, but then so does most of the web, so no risk.

Back to normal now:D Thanks guys;)


Ok, sorry if I mislead anybody. My end blocks a heck of alot of stuff including adverts and ‘You tube’ clips.


You’re not alone :slight_smile:

I couldnt even get on yesterday, yet could if i logged in on my other halfs laptop, on now thou :smiley: