Cannot access LB from work

I logged a call and got the response
“Resolution : The site is not blocked, however it has links through to Facebook and Google+ which will be being blocked under Social Networking.”

What has changed in the last couple of weeks? It used to work before Xmas !!

Your IT policy has changed. The FB and g+ logins have always been there

Do some bloody work then. Work ain’t a social club.


It does not state that in my job description… Feck !!


But get this …

Press F12 and send me any error messages shown in the “console”.

Also, that’s a very weird policy… I think half of the Internet probably links to Facebook or Google+! As Mian says though, as mian says though, we haven’t changed anything to do with those buttons. Probably something your company is doing on their network.

Geez, ring the service desk and tell them you want the Major Incident Manager on the case NOW, Severity 1,

I used to love service desk calls regarding non work related website problems. I’d always cc their manager on the replies. #BOFH

Haha, I used to help them use their phones to get out onto facebook.

Thought you were the IT man Amit?

Nivag, that’ll come back on you. I.E. I’m going to tell your boss how much you access LB at work! I’ve got the logs!

I work for myself haha

HTML1300: Navigation occurred.
File: latest
DOM7011: The code on this page disabled back and forward caching. For more information, see:
File: latest
SCRIPT5022: Bootstrap’s JavaScript requires jQuery
File: bootstrap, Line: 1, Column: 31
SCRIPT5009: ‘$’ is undefined
File: common, Line: 1, Column: 102684
SCRIPT5009: ‘$’ is undefined
File: latest_topics, Line: 1, Column: 1
SEC7118: XMLHttpRequest for required Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
File: latest
SEC7119: XMLHttpRequest for required CORS preflight.
File: latest

Thanks IMORTAL_Indian. I can see the problem, your work is blocking a file we use to drive the site. I think I can get it working. I’ll have a look later today.

Happy bunny :slight_smile:

Any update Jay?

Working on it right now. 

IMORTAL_Indian, try next time you’re working, I’ve tested a fix and put it in.

HELLO WORLD … Thanks Jay !!  Your fix worked :slight_smile: