63 bikes entered so far this year, 12 spaces left,only 25 entered last year,its going to be massive.9 countries in 5 days is whats on offer this year with the winner getting free entry and bike hire to the 2007 USA event! also a dvd from last year is being premiered in Leicester Sq,fri June2nd. there’s a bit of footage from the AWOL guys doing there stuff at the ace. more info

Doesn’t it cost an arm and a leg to enter tho?

OK, a warning: do not watch that video if you suffer from migraines or epilepsy. I feel sick now after just the intro.

How you doin now Mick? Hope your recovery is complete. You still goin on this run? Got the gixxer fixed yet?

I would love to go on this but fear I would be too slow.

No, just a leg

There should be a health warning before the start about flashing (titter)

Knee is still troublesome,an MRI scan oooop north is on the cards for next week to see exactly whats knackered.

Got Gixer back from Germany, its bad but repairable, sourcing parts at the mo. Complete bodykit, headlight, fairing bracket, engine casing, right bar, right switch, gear lever, number plate hanger,rear axle and nut, poss swingarm or subframe, link-pipe on exhaust ,mirrors,thats off the top of my head.

Blimey mate, that sounds like a write off. It’s good news tho that is repairable, but more important is your health. That takes much longer to repair. Can’t you get a bionic leg?

If there’s owt I can do to help mate then give us a shout.

£1,599 plus a new bike

V tempted to do the 2007 USA one though

I’ll see you on the other side then in 2007 Mini Mo


See you at the premier first

What a dream even this would be But I ride a boat (K3 SV1) and not that fast on it so until I can get a better bike this will stay a dream .

Good luck to all that give it a go and I wish you fast and safe fun

One year I’m going to do this, looks *ucking wicked, might come in last but hey, I would have done it… and i’ll have one mighty on my face after each stage.


The USA (2007) CBR I’m going to hire a 999 as they have a hire deal set up for entrants

Bring it on!

I’m going to hire a Fat Boy

No smutty comments please

one fatboy for hire “I’m free”

Nice bikes, cruised round Chapmans peak in SA on one of them, much fun


So when you get knicked for speeding they’ll know to put you in with the rednecks