Cancer Charity Kids Afternoon - Big Thanks!!

On behalf of the organisers of the event this past Sunday for children suffering from cancer (that I posted about previously), I’d like to give a massive thanks to the LB community.

The response was overwhelming in terms of people who offered to come along, and donate time and resource. We were only able to have a small group this time, but will bear in mind for the next time it’s organised, and hopefully have more people come along.

For those who were lucky enough to be there, I think that the smiles on the faces of the kids said it all.

You should know that at the end of the evening, the kids voted that day to have been the best day ever, of both this camp and previous ones. You really helped bring some happiness into their lives!

Some pics below of things (which I hope will display alright)

Once again, a massive thanks to the LB community! :slight_smile:

Excellent! Great work for organising this :slight_smile:

It was my absolute pleasure to be there! Two things will stay with me for a very long time, the laughs and screams (of joy!) from the various kids on the back and the one who got out of his wheelchair to climb onboard the 'busa! Those and the sunburned head!!

You are this what is needed here, there and everywhere, someone who will put the right cause before his own time and life.
Huge respect guys.

nice one don’t leave it too long before organizing another event

Fantastic, glad it went so well!

Arrr how lovely, it always leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Something that will stay with you.

Well done

Impressive, well done all.
Makes you feel good inside huh ?

well done folks. awesome stuff.


really nice to see :slight_smile:

To be honest I think me and Jan injoyed it more than the kids :slight_smile: But well worth the time and effort and glad the kids likd it. Like BigVern said the the laughs and screams of joy from the kids, well worht it :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, just recalled something else that will stay with me for a while… JC - “isn’t that one of those strange DN-01’s?” Bloke - “Yeah, It’s mine!” Truly LMFAO!!


Forgot about that till you mentioned it !!! Think I managed to dodge a bullet on that one , he didnt look too pissed off !!

Was a great way to spend a Sunday evening , kids loved it , shame my clutch didnt agree !!!