Canary Wharf parking.............geez

Good luck with you parking - total bummer these days - especially with all the theft that is happening.

p. s. Did the soulessness start in canary wharf and slowly spread outwards?

London ain’t as interesting as it used to be - all the life and charachter got priced out years ago.

Its purely functional and I can show you somewhere at lunchtime where you can escape and sit amongst the sheep, but 10 mins away :slight_smile: Parking, free if you head down Marsh Wall but it gets busy pretty early, its worth paying the £2 for the underground secure parking. Dont park at the NCP near Cross Harbour, bike theft central! As long as you park under Jubilee Place, Cabot Place and Canada Square, your bike is safe as!

And then come have a cocktail in the sunshine with me :wink:

That’s a load of rubbish, I know plenty of bikes that have been taken from those places.Realistically, if you park your bike at the Wharf, it’s just a bad as parking it in a bike bay in the city, at some point it will go missing :frowning:

S***, really??? Ive been parking here for years and never heard of anyone having their bike stolen. They have CCTV, ground anchors, 24 hour patrols on golf carts and vans are too tall to get into them so shocking if they have! Is this recently?

I think that a lot of the bikes that were taken were unsecured. I advise people to use the parking on level 1 (in and UP the ramps) as most of these have ground anchors - you can then chain to a ground anchor.

I’ve not heard of a secured bike going missing, but as always, I’m happy to be corrected / educated.


Vans are not too tall, the guy viewed the CCTV footage of them loading his bike into the van, no it’s not just recently, I’ve not seen any ground anchors, CCTV unfortunately has never stopped any determined thief… I can’t be bothered to continue, get your information right and come back to reality. CW is no safer than anywhere else.

Tanya I look forward to the tour as I really hate it here…took the train today as have drinks later. Stuck at Bermondsey for 20 minutes …great.

Yeah I park at Canada Square and got flashed by a speed camera in limehouse link tunnel last night :crying: couldnt see the dam camera or lines as they are so dirty…doh

and in answer to earlier comment yes I am looking for another job that how much I dislike it …

what route do people use back to the city as I have found the Highway to be solid traffic all the way to Tower bridge

Hmm - That wouldn’t be a farm with the same name as a DLR stop really close by would it ?

If anyone is in the wharf and finds it miserable, drop me a pm and I’ll let you know the next time my team are going to be out. We tend to do 1 or 2 drinks nights a week and a lunch here and there.

The only complaints we’ve ever had are related to alcohol poisoning and prison records gained. But everyone seems to have fun.

I wonder if i work in the same company as any of yous lot?!

Best lunch food cheers me up is Birleys Beef & cheddar sandwich on barbari bread toasted. When I’m too numb to go on it helps :smiley:

Anything else to cheer this place up is a blessing. I have never left the confines of the wharf however… only to go home that is.

Somebody please enlighten me!

sounds like a LB wharf drink up!

a) not necessary to be a jerk, it was a genuine questionb) honestly, Ive broken down here twice and the RAC van nor the Motorcycle recovery van could get into the car park to get my bike out and it had to be wheeled outc) and absolutely yes, I park in Cabot Place and there is definitely ground anchors so it is you that needs to get your facts right

Don’t put where you park your bike on an open forum… :frowning:

bikerboy (09/06/2011)

There are at least 2 dozen ground anchors in designated motorcycle bays. There is a large cluster on the upper level, with a number of bike bays on levels 2, 3 and 4 having anchors. Not all of them have, but enough do and you can always find a spot.

I’m sorry if you’ve never seen any - if you’re ever around the wharf, I’d be happy to pop out and show you where they are to help with your long term security.

Vans can get in and bikes have been stolen in vans before. However, I do not know of a single instance of a bike being stolen (either with a van or otherwise) where it was anchored. I am still happy to be corrected on this, but I’ve spoken to at least 8 different victims of bike theft here, and the most security anyone had was a disc lock or a chain around the rear wheel, but not fixed to anything.

Clearly there are carparks with and without ground anchors, I’m not silly enough to advertise the ones I know that don’t have them on here or where I park my bike each day…

And TanyaD I wasn’t being a jerk, just direct, trying to bring you back to reality. Your bike is not ‘safe as’ in the carparks at CW. It’s just the same as everywhere else.

Same here I have parked at Canary Wharf for years and not had a problem - I know someone who had his lid stolen from his bike!

Wise words, I’d edit the post if I were you :slight_smile:

Honestly ?

So many bikes in this town are stolen to order, and all they do is make a note of your numberplate when they see the vehicle, pay a few quid to the DVLA and get your registered address. Then they follow you to your daytime parking lot.

Trawling forums is a lot of work for very little reward. Even if they know the area you park in, they still have to hunt around to find it. Following you in is so much easier. Or just steal it from your house.