Canary Wharf parking.............geez

So our company just moved to the soul less place of a shithole that is Canary Wharf which means an extra 20 minutes ride and also that I have to pay for parking. A daily pass is £2 and so I called up about a monthly pass…this is great

Daily pass £2 x 226 (251 working days less 25 days holiday) = £452

Monthly pass: £40.85 x 12 = £490.20

where the hell is the logic in that ? and for the monthly pass you need to give a months notice of cancellation, so if you leave your job you could potentially pay for a month you arent there.

does anyone know of any free parking in the Wharf ?

i would think that nothings free at the Wharf as the bankerboys throw money away! :hehe:

I really hate the place the rent must be very low…

There are some free parking spaces out side over South Quay area but I have not used them as prefer to use the underground car parks. Dont know what’s wrong with working in Canary Wharf I love it (no I am not in banking)

i know someone that has had 3 bikes go from an underground car park there ,so beware

dont how you can like it…its soul less…the transport sucks…dlr and jubilee is all you have…you have to pay to park …the bars and pubs have no character…all the people look the same…but apart from that its great

I too am in the Wharf and prefer it to the City these days, which is deader than a dead thing!

Personally I am fortunate enough to have a parking space in our building which is free. A definite perk of the job and a consideration when I have thought about leaving in the past.

agree it is soulless and does feel weird. Esp as I have been in Bloomsbury (basically covent garden) for 6 months.

I spent 2 years here in a Bank and it was ‘OK’, but now I realise its actually really dull. Everyone subsists on a diet of Eat sandwiches.

  • OK, sorry to generalise. I am being harsh.

Yeah: parking not much available for free and Iwill prob look to cycle.

if you look on google maps west ferry road junction with heron quays loads of free parkingt their can usually gert locked to a bollard aswell if your early enough :slight_smile:

I worked in Canary Wharf for six weeks.

It is biggest collection of misery and soulless unhappy people that I have ever encountered. Glad I’m not down there any more.

Plus the Jubilee Line sucks, and so does the DLR.

just to continue my moaning the only gym near by is the reebok at £107 a month :w00t:

the la fitness is 15 mins walk which would mean only going gym in the evening.

welcome to the wharf.

Soul-less, over priced, boring, easy to get to, free parking (for me!)

It’s not as soulless as people make it out to be. I guess it depends on the people you go out with or meet up with. And the DLR, Buses and Jubilee line is much more than a lot of places have.

Hmm - sounds the same situation as mine. You don’t work near a fountain and pay GBP40 a month for that parking, do you ?

he said his parking was free.

Its soul less I find in terms of 95% of the people working there are in finance whereas in the city you did have more of a mix of people working in different sectors. Its also overwhelming male …

As I ride bike in dont use DLR/Jubilee that often but when I do need it (and I have to go to different parts of London) I find it gets me to all places I need to be quite easily and quickly.There is a lot of bars/pubs with character - you just need to know where to go other then whats in front of you. Yes I will agree majority of the people look the same but not all of us are in banking. If you hate it that much get a new job in an area you like. Personally I could not work in the city as I feel they are all insurance dicks (other half excluded of course) :PIt can be quite fun here, just need the right people and the right places to go too.Good luck

There is a virgin active by Westferry circus - no idea what cost is though :slight_smile:

Hmm - I missed the free bit - my bad. He obviously doesn’t work with me then :slight_smile:

There are a large number of males here, but there are hordes of women too. The only area I’ve ever worked in that had a higher female to male ratio was Angel.

A space in the City cost me £70 a month. Happy to pay it too; I still have my bike and it’s cheaper than the DLR.

hey, I work in the city and am not an insurance dick :w00t:

<-- IT guy

cheaper incl. fuel/insurance too?