Can you still be an LB'er

…You move out of London, sell your bike and have no plans to get another for a while? Once a biker always a biker right? Personally I wouldnt like to not be able to give my two cents worth!!!:smiley:

Bumble you will always be welcome on LB if not by everyone you will by me.

Plus we need somewhere to stay when we come to whatever country it is you are moving to…


Bugger off D!ckwad;):P:D

LOL!!!I wouldnt stand anywhere near open flames at the BBQ Chunks - accidents happen you know!:P:D:)

of course i think

I’d miss your posts if you went away Bumblebee! And let’s face it mate - your gonna be back on a bike sooner or later! :wink:

Awwww - cheers mate - you’re not wrong though, ive never been off’em for more than 2 years!!:smiley:

It’s like that line in scarface (or is it Carlito’s Way?) “JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS OUT…THEY PULL ME BACK IN!!”

If and when you do get another bike, make sure it don’t have fuggin yellow rim tape ya poof:D:D:D


have as much rim tape as you want…just DONT get a bike wiv 2 fuggin cylinders diffy !!! :smiley:


Carlito: “It’s who I am, it’s what I am. Right or wrong, I can’t change that.”:D;)

Would that make you a bikerholic?

Need some professional help? There is always the 6 gear recovery plan :smiley:

Anyone that rides all the way from Italy to have a curry with us in Brick Lane is always gonna be welcome in my book!

Just don’t stay off a bike for too long dude, although the upside of this will mean you won’t have any problems with gravel for a while! :wink:

I think there is going to be a sausagefest death on our hands…


I’m going to give you a wooden spoon in a minute!!!


might have to ride to Italy to have a great bowl of pasta and a beer!:cool:

There’s no curries to be had in Italy so i can definately treat you to spag bowl and some vino!:wink:

hunts around on ebay for some tape for the SRAD

runs and hides

Seriously bumble, some interesting input you have - world would be a different place without your Family approach to things :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that a compliment?

Yes i think it is.:slight_smile:

Hope to see yah at the BBQ!

Nah, bugger off :wink: