Can you spot the problem here . . .

The piston decided to give up, the wrist pin was pushed out through the hole in the side (never found it in the engine) and the con rod continued to hammer what was left of the piston into the valves. Engine is a 1500cc busa from a car and the carrillo rod was bent but not broken ! :slight_smile:



…you have it on your nan’s table cloth?

Not my engine fortunately or I’d be in tears, it’s a friends engine in his workshop. I wonder if his wife knows he’s taken her table cloth ? :smiley:


That’s gotta sting:pinch:

Was it blown like yours Edward?


Do you run low compression pistons as you would a turbo?

No, it was a normally aspirated motor, built by Carl at Extreme Engines. It was 1585 cc which I think is bigger bore and a longer stroke crank. Probably running 12:1 compression. It was an expensive conversion.Mine runs a miserly 9:1 compression, same as the turbo, in fact the same pistons, slightly thicker crown and ring lands, stock crank and carrillo H rods.

was it a case of boring out too much?

I guess this is a possibility, it’s only 2mm over and lots of engines are running 1397cc which is a +3mm bore with the stock crank.

erm… could it be the oil filter loose? :w00t:


Nicley done best one ive seen in a while

I bet that made a nice noise! :stuck_out_tongue: