Can you recommend crash bungs??

I have been down on my R&G crash bungs three times now and to be honnest they are of no help whatsoever! They damage they cause would be the same if I didn’t have them at all! They bend over so the bolt is bent in the spacer sleeve so you cannot remove them and that means the fairing is trapped so the only way to sort it is to either replace the fairing or cut it out which completely defeats the whole point of having them! And on my last hit the bolt head is so destroyed it’s going to be a pain getting the bolt out. See my attachment to see what I mean - Sorry I’m no graphic designer!!!

So has anybody had real slides with other makes of frame protectors which they could recomend? I’m running a '99 CBR6.

As I say I’ve had to ‘use’ them 3 times and each time they have not save me anything and in one of the crashes caused 100% more damage than if I didn’t have them on there at all!! I have written to R&G not complaining but asking for their recomendations.


Rockingham Slide CrashBung 02.JPG

Rockingham Slide CrashBung 03.JPG

Crash Bung Broken.jpg

nice pics!! (better than i could do!!)

as for the bungs!! i always understood that RnGs where the best out there! it might just be the case that with your slides they have caught on somthing and the bolt has bent rather than “flip” your bike over! dunno really! maybe you have just been unlucky in these circumstances!!

why not get a stunt cage fitted!!! if its been down three times, it might be worth it!! just kidding!!

R&G’s are not there to protect you fairing, but the extremely costly damage to engines and obviously frames. Yes they bend…but that stops them from snapping like other bungs out there. Also they have compression sleeve unlike most…yes its a pisser, but its still cheaper than a re-build

ALSO most other bungs availlable for your bike bolt onto the frame spar…which writes your bike off when you lob it.

Haha! I seriously would fit a stunt cage if I could find one that didn’t hinder clearance!

For some reason I always have to learn the hard way - ‘oh I’ve slipped out, guess that was the limit then’!! =o/ I haven’t done the same thing twice though - yet!!

James is right, they’re not there to save your fairings, unfortunately. This won’t make you feel better, but think what it’d be like if you had not had any and had damaged the engine or frame?

Good diagram though for someone who isn’t a designer!

Also, what about not falling off, that’s got to be the best form of protection? I presume this is at the track fella?

they may well have wat you want!!!

worth a try!!LOLLOL

they may well have wat you want!!!

worth a try!!LOLLOL

Well I guess it may have protected the frame but certainly not the engine casing. I have had to fit an NRC for that because the position of the bungs on this particular model.

They seem to make the bungs stick out so far (some far more than mine) that the sliding tarmac has a huge amount of leverage. I also know they use a soft material to try and slow the bike but surely a short tough bung maybe in the shape of a coach bolt head would mean far less side leverage and abrasion. The same principle as it easier to saw a piece of 4’‘x2’’ across the 2’’ than it is across the 4’’.

And I would consider having to spend £320 on a new fairing each time is prety costly

One time was one the road, slow speed off on a diesel spill at Christmas. The other two times have been at Rockingham. The first due to bad riding - I got my exhaust down and lifted the back wheel by not hanging off enough - and the other this w/e I got to ****y and gave it to many beans coiming out of the harpin as you come off the banking! I had got a nice slide a couple of times by accident and thought I would try it intentionally!!

My wings are now clipped!! =o/

What d’you mean by the frame spar? I’m looking at Woodcraft and they say they mount to the front engine mount. I think that would be like the picture I found on the net here. Is that a bad location? I have circled where the R&G ones fit. The Woodcraft location would seem to use a shorter bolt so there would be less bending potential but I guess that would mean more force would be sent through the frame?




By their very nature, eg fast and light sportsbikes don’t crash well, as they’re not designed to take large impacts. In my experience crash bungs are only really much use to protect the fairing at speeds up to about 20 mph, or during silly spillls when u drop it trying to do a u-turn. At higher speeds, nothing will protect your fairing, and the bungs primarily help to avoid busted engine cases, maybe the difference between riding home and going home in an AA truck.

On the track, many peolpe i know wouldn’t even consider having crash bungs fitted as when the bike goes down, the bung either catches on the kerb or digs into the grass, resulting in the bike being flipped over and somersaulting itself into obliteration. Other downside is the bungs usually attach to the engine mounts making them an absolute ******* to remove after an accident, and not many people carry spares.

Harris Racing ones are brilliant!..not that I’ve slid the bike, but I’ve been told, and I have put them on mine!